Dealers with InVision for New Cars always know exactly what’s needed at any given moment. Do you?

✔️ Only system to provide automated DMS integration and manufacturer pipeline integration. Includes franchise inbound data

✔️ Industry standard “Days Supply” calculation to pinpoint too many or too few new vehicles by:

        – Model #, Engine, Series, Trim level, Package Code, Color, Options
        – Industry’s only “Hit List” by predicted carrying cost

✔️ Systematize inventory management through e-mail notifications

✔️ Use a facts-based approach to ordering new inventory

✔️ Realize lower carrying costs month after month

✔️ Stock the right mix of vehicles on your lot at all times

✔️ Speak from a position of confidence when ordering from your manufacturer

✔️ Set up dealer trades that will positively affect your inventory balance

✔️ Increase you Gross Per Unit

✔️ Increase your Return On Investment!

        – Expert training to ensure success
        – 12 Weekly 30 Minute Revenue Impact Meetings


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